What graduates want from their first job with Luminate


TSR Insight sheds light on key trends with Prospects Luminate

TSR Insight recently contributed an expert article for Luminate, the online home of data, trends, advice and thought leadership on the school leaver and graduate labour market. Luminate is part of Prospects, the UK’s biggest graduate careers website.

Original research and insight with the Options Survey

The article was written by Hope Dade and Julie Vincent of TSR Insight to examine how employers can meet and manage the expectations of graduates as they move into work after university. It contains a range of original research and insight produced by TSR Insight as part of its Options Survey, conducted with The Student Room community.

Revealing the views of UK students

The Student Room is the UK’s largest online student community with 2.7 million registered users aged from 14 to 25, GCSE to postgraduate. As part of The Student Room, TSR Insight is able to survey this very large dynamic panel to reveal unique insights which other agencies cannot provide.

“We were delighted to be asked to contribute to Luminate because, as part of The Student Room Group, we have a unique and deep understanding of the student community and understand what they think and feel on a wide range of topics, particularly in this case around pathway options, career choices and expectations.”

Julie Vincent, TSR Insight Director

The Options Survey

Almost 10,000 young people aged 16 to 20 responded to the Options Survey, to reveal interesting insights into their expectations of graduate careers. We discovered that their expectations often had not been shaped or managed, leading to a risk that graduates would feel disappointed in their experience with their employers. This is valuable insight for employers wanting to make the most of their new graduate recruits.

Further insights and best practice

This is all just a quick summary, we strongly recommend you read the full article on the Luminate website for further information, insights and best practice advice for employers who want to recruit and retain top graduate talent.

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