Here for you

We’re here for you, wherever you’re working right now. If you’re stretched and busy, we can move rapidly, we are easy to brief quickly, and we can get to the 2020 and 2021 audience directly. 

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, we just want to reassure you that we’re here, we are running our business as usual: a connected, effective and agile full-service market research agency. We have been where you are now, working as part of insight, research and marketing teams in universities, colleges, businesses and organisations, both as members and as managers and senior leaders. We understand what you need – you’re not alone. Here are some ideas for how we can help you during the current situation.

Quick and easy to brief

If you need market research quickly, then rest assured that we are quick and easy to brief! We understand what you need because we’ve been there ourselves. Our work is high quality, carried out to a professional standard by HE experienced market researchers and the results are presented back to you in a clear and simple format. All you need to do to get the ball rolling is get in touch via our contact form, or complete our online briefing form and send it back to us, we will take it from there.

2020-2021 Youth Audience

We can help you talk to the 2020 and 2021 higher education audience via our access to The Student Room community. We have a very engaged audience online right now, with a significant increase in posting on the site. Young people who want to go to university in 2020 and 2021 are asking questions, wanting answers, offering ideas and expressing concerns. You need to understand what your target audience is doing, what they are looking for, and what might be the deciding factors in this evolving situation. If you need exclusive insight from the 2020 and 2021 audience, get in touch today, using our quick and easy briefing form or simply send us a message online using our contact form.

Off-site support

Is your team stretched and busy? Do you still have deadlines to meet but don’t have all the people to do the work? TSR Insight has the expertise, experience and capacity to quickly step in and help take the strain as an expansion valve to help relieve the pressure. We can work as part of your team to deliver the market research you need; rapidly reporting results and insight to enable you to make informed decisions. Our experienced team has worked in university insight and marketing teams and have done this for many clients over the last 10 years, so they understand what you need and how you work. If you want to get in touch, use our simple contact form, or you can send us your requirements using our quick and easy briefing form which comes with simple guidance on how to commission market research.

Vote and Tell

Vote and Tell is an online youth survey that is easy to commission. Do you need to ask your audience what they think about your campaign, creative or messaging and do you need to quickly check things to inform a new strategy or tactical response? For example, your query may be around young people’s reactions to your virtual open day, which prospectus design they prefer, or whether your new positioning statement feels authentic to them. Whatever you need to understand, we can exclusively ask the largest student community in the country – The Student Room – using Vote and Tell. This solution offers the robust quantifiable results of an online survey along with the audience’s in-depth reasoning about why they think what they do. We will report back quickly – within a week of fieldwork. If you need reliable insight quickly, this is the solution you need. Just complete our quick and easy online briefing form to start the process off.


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