TSR Insight sponsors event with MRS

The MRS Best of Impact 2019 conference in Salford this year was, as always, an exciting event. The conference is for members of the market research community to share best practice, network with colleagues and celebrate some outstanding examples of market research from the main Impact conference.

With the MRS, TSR Insight has created an event for higher education market researchers. This is our fourth year, and by sponsoring it we provide our morning session plus lunch free for delegates. This means that everyone can enjoy the full day for the price of attending the Best of Impact.

We invited Mike Bond, from Bond & Coyne to come and talk to us this year, and he gave an inspiring presentation about how to apply design thinking to market research, insight and communication; with ‘exploding tigers’ no less!

MRS provides events throughout the UK, and for example, regularly hosts gatherings in Leeds and Manchester. This enables greater access to opportunities to network and learn outside of London.

Julie explains why the MRS is so important to her:

“Re-joining the MRS when I set up my market research consultancy over eleven years ago meant I gained a lot of incredibly valuable support and training with access to local events and networking. Also professional resources, including of course the impact of GDPR on our research participants and work. The MRS is an important part of our industry, bringing market research professionals together and promoting both standards, equality and mutual support.”

The Best of Impact provides a great opportunity to access a bite-sized version of the main event, in the North, as Julie explains:

“Although Impact includes big brands with huge budgets, that isn’t always the case. And, we can all take inspiration and be creative, embrace the opportunities to learn. Big budget thinking doesn’t cost the earth!”

The Best of Impact this year highlighted how market research makes a positive contribution to society beyond the world of business. At the conference we heard about a range of inspiring initiatives and campaigns around wellbeing, helping people make a better world, and building inclusive and welcoming communities. What we do has an impact and can make a real difference to the world around us.

Julie concludes:

“Looking forward to next year; we want to inspire and delight delegates as we did this year. For me, Mike Bond’s ‘exploding tigers’ really opened my eyes to new ways of working and we hope to build on this at our 2020 event. I really enjoyed hearing from Mike, it reminded me how much fun we can have doing market research.”

Confused about exploding tigers? Read Julie’s review of ‘Impact 2019’ conference on the MRS website.

> See the MRS website for details on Impact 2020 <