TSR Insight Support for Researchers

TSR Insight actively supports its researchers when working with sensitive subject matter:


1. Take a Break:

  • We make sure that breaks are normal, attractive, and possible
  • It’s OK to walk away from your desk, do something different, go for a walk

2. Do it together:

  • Nobody does analysis with sensitive content on their own
  • Researchers pair up on projects, supported by a senior colleague

3. Care and share:

  • Build a culture of mutual support and trust where it’s safe to talk
  • Staff are encouraged to use a company health scheme counselling service

4. Make it better:

  • Managers are always available to talk about safeguards, support and solutions
  • Researchers are included in risk assessments along with respondents

5. Close the loop:

  • Close the loop, highlight the positive outcomes from difficult projects
  • Debrief in order to process and learn from what has been experienced

Staying safe and supported online

In these ways and more we support our researchers when working with sensitive or upsetting subject matter. To understand more about how such content affects young people, moderators and volunteers, read our new article here: Staying safe and supported online